Water and booze shortage in Larkspur.  Wet your tongue by attending four special Public Meetings being called by the Larkspur Town Council to discuss and inform residents about the need for more water and a special permit for a Liquor license.

co-beach-partyFirst the Liquor License – you’ve probably heard about the upcoming Colorado Beach Party & Music Festival to be held August 11th & 12th at the Music Mountain Amphitheater located on the west grounds of Larkspur’s  Renaissance.  The party consists of The Landsharks Band (premiere Jimmy Buffet Tribute Band) – Kahuna Beach Party playing Beach Boy’s music with The Colorado Symphony Orchestra, and Blues by David Shelley & Bluestones.  The gates open at 1:00pm – Festival starts at 3:00pm and runs till 10:00pm.  Parking is free and tickets start at $29 for one day event.  More info available at  www.musicmountainamphitheater.com.

The festival has applied for a liquor license for the event with an applicant’s presentation to be provided at the Town Council Public Hearing to be held at the Town Hall at 5:00pm on Thursday, June 28th.

On to more important matters, Larkspur is seeking access to more W A T E R !!!.

Three Public Hearings have been scheduled:

Thursday – June 28 – 6:00pm – Town Hall

Saturday – June 30 – 10:00am – Town Hall

Thursday – July 12 – 5:00pm – Town Hall

The topic of the meetings is:


The Town Council will be presenting information on Funding Requirements, Option Scenarios & Impacts.

It’s your water – you should attend a meeting.


Walter Korinke, a resident of Perry Park Colorado, is the creater, contributer and editor of Waltswords.com. After retiring from a full and satisfying career in commercial real estate investment, he now enjoys publishing news and local events from the areas in and around where he lives.