DSCN0046-001No longer the meek light green and tan, Chilis takes on bold new colors indoors and out.  Unfortunately, they started the new bold outdoor red on a rainy day and it was quite a shocker as it ran down the building sides.  Not to worry, all is well – the sun came out and the bold new ‘red chili’ look is quite stunning.  The interior has also taken on a more modern aggressive stance as well.  The food was always good, and that hasn’t changed.  Visit Chilis next you go to Castle Rock’s Outlet Mall.

McDonalds Construction-001Mcd 1Not to be left out, the older McDonald’s on Wolfensberger Road is also joining the modernization move along with a sharp bright finish.  The work continues without interruption of sales though the façade knock down stage left you dodging from one door to the other as the cranes whacked away at the upper façade.  The inside will also get a refresh.  Word is the menu is also due for a change, out with the old, in with the new.

DSCN0044-001You don’t have to be a franchise in order to keep up with the times.  Recently Granelli’s was purchased by the tenant who has been upgrade their appearance in stages.  The first change was a quick exterior paint job from dirty white to an attractive and highly visible dark red.  Now they are working on the interior with a lighter feel, the new paint displacing the old wall drawings and the beat up wall paneling is gone.  You usually do not want to hear the word beetle in a restaurant, but the beautiful new beetle kill pine ceiling going in, is to die for.   It is cheery pleasant atmosphere – great pizza —and the best hot dog around.  The long range plan calls for the removal of the old slanted tree, hopefully before it falls down, and expand their outdoor patio.  Great spot to sit outside and enjoy a ‘dog’ while the world passes by.

DSCN0048Not to late to the table, the former Mesquite Mexican Grill and Steak House has found a new tenant and a major renovation is underway, including a brand new bar being constructed at the rear of the building.  Soon to open is  a new Mexican restaurant, the Blue Nectar.  Location is 2nd and Wilcox.

Walter Korinke, a resident of Perry Park Colorado, is the creater, contributer and editor of Waltswords.com. After retiring from a full and satisfying career in commercial real estate investment, he now enjoys publishing news and local events from the areas in and around where he lives.