Three members of the Douglas County Traffic Engineering Department visited the March Perry Park Metro District meeting to discuss the commencement of an analysis and planning for the Highway #105 stretch running from Wolfensberger Road to the entry to Palmer Lake.  The intent is to reduce the number of accidents in the corridor and make the route safer for all traffic (cars, motorcycles, bicycles) that traverse the route.

The current plan is once they have completed their preliminary analysis and plans for modifications to the roadway improving several curves, possible realignments of parts of the road i.e. the turn off to the Town of Larkspur and modifying the entrance to Perry Park, they will hold a public meeting in Perry Park to get community feedback to their plans. Accident Rpt-001 They will be working on the Palmer Lake double curve area this year with plans to do construction in the Larkspur area in 2014.  They plan to provide a 6 foot shoulder along various sections of #105 as a multi-year effort to help solve the heavy bicycle traffic (a benefit to both motorist and bicyclist).

The showed the Board a plat of the area that highlighted a review of accident along the corridor from 2007 to 2011, along with a coding of the accident cause, and pointed out that the two highest accident hotspots are (#1) the double curve as you approach Palmer Lake where they recently put an electronic warning sign and (#2) the area around the entrance to Perry Park.

Traffic-Circle2Included in their presentation was a rendering of a possible round about proposed at Perry Parks ‘Y’ adjacent to the stables as a way to remedy the lack of safety at this intersection.  The design does take into consideration the ability of fire trucks, trucks pulling horse trailers, and other large vehicles as well as normal traffic.

They also stated that the County will be doing a considerable amount of pavement resurfacing in Perry Park this summer.

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  1. Good news! The streets around Perry Park was starting to look a little shabby, pot holes and just general wear & tear. Glad to see they are making plans to fix up. I hope they come down my street! 🙂