On the northeast corner of the Castle Pines boundaries is DANIEL’s PARK.

The 1,000-acre park was donated to the Denver and Douglas County in two separate donations in 1920 and 1037 and has operated as a part of the Denver Mountain Park System for over 80 years. Slicing through its boundaries is DANIEL’s PARK ROAD, which has been a Territorial Road since 1887 where even before that, it served as a route between Colorado Springs and Denver – sort of a buggy version of I-25. In 2003, the beginnings of a master plan was developed for the Park and 5 years later in 2008, phase 1 was started with roadway enhancements, trailheads, trail connections added in 2014.

The 2nd phase kicked off in 2015 with extensive paved roadways and other improvements. The work continues today and for the next several years and with Castle Pines input being included with the City/County efforts to maintain the history and special nature of the area while providing public access to all its features.

You can continue to follow the progress on line at www.douglas.co.us/dcoutdoors/parks/daniels-park/

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