Monday, February 19, 2018


General Technology News

Innovative new auto technology

Here's a few new technologies for the car that do not distract the driver from his prime objective - safe driving!

PayPal comes to Home Depot

New ways to pay for your purchases at retail facilities using your Apple devices or Android phones.

One cup coffee maker wars!

One cup coffee leader, Keurig is about to face two new powerful challengers in the rapidly growing, very popular, single cup coffee business.

Electric car charging station is a new first for Colorado Springs!

Colorado takes another technology leap forward with the dedication today of Colorado Springs first public electric auto charging station. Bring on those Chevy Volts!

Douglas County Goes HI-Tech

Tune in, Tweet, and Email durring the first live online Douglas County Town Meeting to be held on Dec 6tth! Also the Tax assessor goes mobile!

The Very Smart NEST Home Thermostat

The new Nest - Smart - self learning home thermostat arrives. Monitor your home's temperature while your away for the winter or just grabbing lunch!

Have a Kindle, Amazon Prime, Live in the US, Read for Free!

Amazon launches the “Kindle Owners’ Lending library” for US Amazon Prime members